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About the RoboDawgs


      The FHS RoboDawgs Team was created in 2007 to give students the opportunity to become fully immersed in an environment of engineering for dedicated, like-minded students, interested in engineering, while acquiring the necessary skills for their future in any field of interest. The RoboDawgs will also teach the members corporate tasks, such as team building, project management, leadership, and communication skills. The members will also learn through hands-on experiences such as how to create, build, and maintain robots.

     We encourage all Fontainebleau High School students to be a part of this amazing organization and be a member of our hard working teams.

     The RoboDawgs compete with three different organizations—FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC), VEX and SeaPerch. More important than any competitive success or awards, the members of The RoboDawgs grow academically, intellectually and socially, while building the skills necessary for the professional workforce, no matter which career path the students choose to follow. RoboDawgs members gain a better understanding, a greater respect, and a more profound appreciation of the benefits of a good education. Students interact with industry professional adult judges during competition, learn how to work on a team, are involved in the development of a project from start to finish, search for and write grants, look for sponsors, network with colleges and engineering companies, and accomplish many other tasks that prepare them for any career.  The RoboDawgs fully inspire and motivate our students to avidly pursue their academic, career, and personal goals both during their time on the team and in their futures.

RoboDawgs Helping STEM Program

Our Robotics Team has participated in the STEM Day Program at the Madisonville Library. We aim to be role models in our community, using our knowledge and resources to help other teams succeed.

2221 in FIRST Competition in Houston

Students are given opportunities to experience real-world engineering, be involved in technical and non-technical processes.


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